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Wide Receivers Coach – Jack Takerian

Wide receivers coach, Jack TakerianJack Takerian is back with the Racine Raiders in 2015. He was with the team for 15 years before he left to coach his son’s youth team.

Jack feels that the Racine Raiders organization is truly one of a kind. The dedicated players, coaches, and volunteers are special, and the support of the fans is surreal. Coming back to the Raiders was an easy decision for him to make.

Growing up in Milwaukee, and currently living in Franklin, Wis., Jack is very familiar with the rich history behind Racine football and knows our volunteers are an important part of who we are today.

Joining Jack at every game are his wife, Melanie, and their 14-year-old quadruplets, Emily, Payton, Taylor, and Jack.

Jack is the Senior Vice President of Operations for the Milwaukee YMCA and has been involved with football for over 30 years as both a player and a coach.

The most rewarding thing for Jack is winning with the people. It’s working with the players to help them see their true abilities, finding those diamonds in the rough and helping them make the changes necessary to shine way beyond what they ever thought they would. He really likes helping out the veterans and young players to focus, to become better as individuals and teammates, both on and off the field.

Along with dreaming, as a kid, of playing professional sports one day, he also wanted to be a firefighter. We’re glad he stuck to football!

Believe it or not, but Jack loves a variety of music, including Eminem, Shaggy, Zac Brown Band, Jimmy Buffett, Three Dog Night, and Tim McGraw.

Jack feels that you need to lead by example. If you can’t stand behind your own actions, how can you expect anyone to listen to your guidance?